Agoes acknowledge

Agoes acknowledge race chicken eggs supplied from outside of Jember. Hence, the need in Jember also depends from producing areas such as stock in Blitar.

Based from Disperikel Jember, needs an egg in Jember reach 13.140 tons per year, while the supply of in Jember only 8.760 tonnes per year. As a result the Jember is hanging from

the other regions for the supply of eggs.

Meanwhile, the demand for chicken and beef can be met by local ranchers Jember. Beef stock in Jember reach 8.833 tonnes per year, whereas his needs only 1,825 tonnes. And the stock of meat chickens reach 8.542 tonnes per year, whereas the needs of achieving 4.383 tons.

“If the need for beef and chicken would be adequate. For the egg does not get filled from Jember because it needs are enormous, “said M Chotib, head of section for pricing information and investment development Disperikel Jember.


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